How delightful !

How delightful it feels to wrap yourself in our soft, absorbent fluffy bath towel right after you get out of the shower! But not all towels are born equal. Even a towels seems super soft at the Stores, it may deflate after only a wash or two. However, with a good, trained eye, you'll be able to spot a quality bath towel in no time. No worries, We are here to provide the High Quality Towels as well as Good Customer Experience.

We MS Mercury Exports are in the business of Exporting Terry Towels from India. We have the Well-Organized Structure which establishes the Distinct Workflow to Provide the Best Results in Customer Experience.


Terry Towels

We produces only World Class Terry towels which are Extremely Absorbent, Highly Durable, Attractive Colors, Super Soft, Extremely Fast Colors. Our Products reflects Rich Design, Casual Elegance and Grabs Special Attention that Creates. Highly Quality, Electronically tested 100% cotton yarn has been used which provides maximum absorbency, excellent finish and super soft feel.

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Why ?

Because We Strongly follow Codes and Ethics to deal Genuine trades with Quality of Products, to get the result of Good Customer Experience in each & every trade. For detailed info: About us

What ?

We treats each and every product as an Opportunity, So We are Crafting them with the State of art European machines giving flawless Quality which are Oeko-Tex Certified. For more info: Products


Always better to get updated the price with us because of the currency fluctuations. To know more about the Product details, Payment Terms, Business documents & Delivery Details. Here, you go: FAQ