Exporter in India

Our Story

Every business has a beginning, and this is where we talk about us. We were stepped into Business at the timeframe of my grandfather, then My Father had taken over and sustaining that, "Now it's my turn to step up from Local to Global Trade". With the Remarkable Experiences & Exposure from e-commerce industry, we have been established this Export Company.

Aram - Ethics, Porul - Wealth/ Product & Inbam - Happiness. Here is our Unique Selling Proposition, even the company's tagline as well. USP in detail- With Positive attitude, we do trade ethically by selling Quality of Products to get the result of Good Customer Experience in each & every Trade.

We are working in an Integrated System which links with Products and Service Sectors. In the Whole, The Ultimate goal is to add more products to the system and make this system chain Bigger, Better, Stronger, Successive and Sustaining Model. When it comes to Customer Obsession- In terms of Quality, Cost and Delivery will be made possible and competitive with the Current Market Analytics.



Our Mentor/Advisor

Guidance and Envision:

  • He is the only reason for our existence in the field of Import & Exports.
  • His Thoughts, Activities, and Lectures are all about People's Welfare.
  • He always insists & motivates all of them, to become an Entrepreneurs in their respective fields.
  • The Business Model has been built by his Guidance and Envision.
  • The Employment has being created by his Business Model.
  • Implemented Continuous Process Improvement on every aspect of the Business.